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After some quiet reflection and careful consideration of my words, last night's effort was hot, wet, putrid garbage. That is all.

The first O/S I ever booted on a computer was just updated. Wish I had a II GS to boot it up on now.

Finally getting a chance to sit down and watch Ex Machina. Also, probably, the first time I have actually made good use of Amazon Prime.

Lesson #2 with @ProjectFi - The two hours turned into 15 minutes. So far, so good. Still missing the Turbo battery. cc: @KimBeasley

Lesson #1 with @ProjectFi - Even if you are using Google Voice, the number transfer may take up to two day. No number portability magic.

Got an invite to @ProjectFi. We will see how it compares to @VerizonWireless. Nexus 6 feels like a downgrade from the Turbo.

OK. I told you all last week Moonshots were important at Hooli. Monkey robot arms. Seriously. Game changer. @SiliconHBO

Hooli XYZ. Moonshots are important. I want to be a Head Dreamer. @SiliconHBO

The other Downtown

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With the road construction, downtown Round Rock is not the most accessible place right now. Despite that, we made the trip Saturday night. We have had intentions to go to Fire In the Hole since it opened about a year ago. My daughter dislikes pizza so, with her staying the night with her friend, we decided to check it out.

Main Street was pretty packed. With a couple of dedicated sports bars and other bars downtown with numerous big screens, the Kentucky Derby/Spurs game 7/Mayweather-Pacquiao trifecta drew a crowd. We parked around the corner and walked a couple of blocks to the restaurant.

Fire & Ice has a great looking bar area up front and has plenty of style. We grabbed a booth/table near the front. Service was prompt, attentinve, and professional throughout. The restaurant was about three-quarters full but, despite exposed stone walls, was not terribly nioisy.  We took a quick look at the appetizers and ordered the Prezel Rolls because the bacon butter that came with them seemed like a healthy choice. They were delicious and the bacon added great flavor without being obnoxious.

The pizza comes in one size, about twelve inches, but a little irregular as you would expect from a good, hand-stretched crust. I had the cheese pizza with spicy sausage. It was great. Crisp, thin crust and just the right amount of cheese and sauce. Everyone else at the table really enjoyed their pizzas. Geoffrey had pizza for lunch so he had the smoked chicken wings. Having been smoked first gave them a nice flavor and the wing sauce was tangy with just the right amount of spice.

A very enjoyable meal. I would say the pizza compares favorably with Homeslice. Fresh ingredients and just the right ratio of crust/sauce/cheese/toppings. They have a number of specialty pizzas that looked interesting (especially the Salumeria) but I wanted to keep it simple to first time to get a good sense of what they are doing.

So, get out there and support your local businesses. GREAT pizza in downtown Round Rock and an after dinner stroll to the candy shop is a great way to do it..