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Steve Daniels

Treatment Day 16...19 to go

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I know people are not following the blog religiously but I aslo know I really wanted to stick with it as close to every day as possible.

Here is what went wrong. After the surgery, it took some time to get my G/I tract in order. I thought I was better, then I wasn't. Everything had started to taste a little worse, my throat started to hurt, and I seemed to be developing a sinus infection. The sinus infection was a little worrisome but, you know, I am a tough guy (more on that later).

Also, I overextended myself on the weekend. We had tickets to see Jim Jefferies at the Paramount for Saturday night. I didn't feel great but we had tickets to the early show and decided we could make it work. Dinner plans got scuttled. Food I thought I could eat was a pain to get to. We were running late. None of these is a good reason to skip a meal when you are fighting cancer. Bad decision.

We had a wedding on Sunday so I spent the day trying to get back on track physically. All in all, progress was made on getting some rest. Just after lunch time Sunday, my throat began to hurt a little more. By the time we got to the wedding, I was already starting to struggle. Throat was bothering me a little more but I could still handle it. There were a couple of items served at the wedding that really hit the spot.

Brief Aside #1 -Jim Jefferies was, as he usually is, exactly what I needed. I love him and find a lot of truth in his humor. The docking chunk is brilliant. Almost as good as the hotel room story from Amsterdam. I needed a night with some joy and detachment from my real life. Jim delivered on every level. I could never thank him enough for hitting me with what I needed right when I needed. And, as always, Jennifer picked out the perfect anniversary present. 

Brief Aside #2 - The wedding was beautiful. It was at Chateau Bellevue downtown. Post card Austin weather. Beautiful venue. Gorgeous decorations. Phenomenal ceremony surrounded by friends and family in a picturesque courtyard. Ran into an old friend. Beautiful toasts to the couple. A true reminder of the power of love, beauty of family, and why our forefathers saw fit to provide for our pursuit of happiness. 

Then there was Monday. I probably didn't get enough rest through the weekend. I definitely picked up a sinus infection which shredded my throat. By Monday at lunch, I could barely swallow water. It didn't get apprecably better the rest of the week. Not enough to eat, not enough sleep, constant pain. Then Saturday, with the pain in my throat at its worst, I sneezed. I know what you are thinking: It was just a sneeze. Wrong! With the damage to my throat in the shape it was in and the additional damage from the sinus infection, it was literally the worst pain I have ever felt.  That will be the new 10 when doctors ask me where my pain is on the 0 to 10 scale. There are no words to describe it. It was the first time in my life I have cried directly from pain. Sounds crazy but there it is.

I had chemo #2 of 3 today. I am feeling a little better. But now it is late so I will save the story for Treatment Day 16 for tomorrow. Bed is screaming my name.