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Steve Daniels

The only way out is through

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I tried to post a couple of times over the last two weeks but it has been pretty rough going since the last chemo treatment on the May 16th. On the morning of my last chemo, I got out up in the morning and was immediately dizzy. The walk into the living room was almost more than I could take. I know this sounds like melodramatic but the reasons became apparent pretty quick. I was already slightly anemic and for some reason (possibly slight dehydration) my blood pressure was round 90/70. As bad as I felt, the last thing I wanted to do was delay any part of my treatment so I just moved slow with plenty of rest stops. Eventually, we made the treatment.

Getting fluids through IV all day helped out with my blood pressure and the treatment was about the same as the other two. Just a really long day. I continued to move slow and rest a ton and the following Tuesday, May 22nd. I had my last radiation treatment. It was a huge relief to be done but, as bad as I felt, both of my doctors assured me it would continue to get worse for about two weeks. So far, they have been correct. Hopefully the worst of it is done.

I will spare you the gory details but my skin is burned several layers deep, inside and outside, in the majority of the areas they treated. That includes most of the tissue from just above my esophagus up to almost the middle of my mouth. The residual radiation has continued to make those worse but that should be near its end.

I haven't swallowed anything other than water for almost two months - all my nutrition through the feeding tube. Although it may sound a little gross I would not have survived without it. It does, however, consume most of my day to just get in my feedings and medicine. Jennifer is an expert pill crusher and the most patient, loving person on earth. She has been truly amazing. More on that in a later post.

I will stop complaining for now. I have been getting IV fluids most days and will get, hopefully, the last round of that tomorrow.


On to recovery!